Wireless motion sensor kit

Wireless motion sensor kit
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This is a wireless, battery operated motion sensor kit. The motion sensor is wired to the RF transmitter and the sensor will transmit open and close messages to the base station receiver. The sensor will also transmit battery level which is displayed on the dashboard. 

Soldering two contacts is required for this product.


1 X Wireless transmitter

1 x motion sensor (PR01)

1 X NPN 2222a Transistor

1 X CR2032 battery for the Wireless transmitter

1 x Elegant case with screws


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Base station receiver (RF01
  • Door contact, can be bought seperatly (search for DS01)
  • 4.5-20v power supply for motion sensor
  • Casing & battery holder. Not mandatory for it to work - see tutorial for more details.



This is wireless, battery operated, switch. 

The base station receives on/off signals from the transmitter. The sensor will also transmit a battery level to the base station which is display on your dashboard.


Soldering is required for this product, but not difficult for a beginner. The transmitter sends clear text on/off messages that can be read from the serial port of the Raspberry Pi. It "sleeps" in between transmissions which allows for very low battery consumption (battery life dependant on the number of transmissions). Perfect for sending wireless switch signals to your PrivateEyePi alarm system or for your own projects. We provide sample Python code that shows you how to collect the messages from the Raspberry Pi serial port.

Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm x 15mm

Tech Specs:

  • 868 and 915 MHz ISM/SRD bands (can support 315, 433, 900 MHz)
  • Up to 10dBm (10 mW) power output
  • Low current consumption (RX: 24mA; TX: 36mA @ -10dBm output power)
  • 123 μA in sleep mode; 0.2 μA in deep sleep mode

Battery Lifetime

  • Battery lifetime will depend on the quality of the battery and the number of transmissions
  • Estimated battery lifetime is 3-6 months depending on number of transmittions
  • Battery consumption will depend on number of transmittions. Battery consumption is greater when switch is closed. Estimated 1 month battery lifetime if switch is mostly closed all the time. If you are using this sensor for doors and windows that are normally closed then use a Normally Closed switch to improve battery lifetime to 3-6 months. If you are using the sensor with a door or window that is normally open then use a Normally Open switch to improve battery lifetime to 3-6 months. A water sensor is normally open and will generally last 6 months because it typically has very few transmissions. A motion sensor is Normally Open and will close when motion is detected. 

PrivateEyePi Cloud based home alarm, alerting and monitoring system



The alarm system project tutorial can be found at http://www.projects.privateeyepi.com/home/home-alarm-system-project

Wireless Sensor Manual

Alarm features:

  • Connect door contacts or PIR sensors (motion sensors), water sensors to the Raspberry Pi.
  • Receive email alerts when an alarm occurs.
  • Monitor your home from your smart phone or computer using the dashboard featuring zone status (armed/disarmed/alarm), alarm dates and time as well as activity logs. You can also use the dashboard to arm and disarm zones.

How it works





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