Wireless Base Station Transmitter/Receiver

Wireless Base Station Transmitter/Receiver
Wireless Base Station Transmitter/Receiver Wireless Base Station Transmitter/Receiver
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This is the Wireless Base Station transmitter/receiver for the PrivateEyePi alarm system.

The base station is fitted to the Raspberry Pi and receives and sends signals between the Raspberry Pi and the remote sensors.



  • Wireless base station transmitter/receiver


  • Wireless sensors, like the wireless temperature sensor (RF22) and the wireless door contact (RF23) which can be bought seperatly



Wireless Sensor Manual

Tech Specs:

  • Simple plug and go radio module for the Raspberry Pi
  • Talks to all our radio's
  • TTL UART (/dev/ttyAMA0 on the Raspberry Pi)
  • Fits inside the Stealth Case from ModMyPi
  • Fits inside the PiBow from Pimoroni
  • Default 9600 Baud
  • Fitted with wire whip antennae
  • Raspberry Pi Pins used:
  • TXD
  • RXD

PrivateEyePi Home Alarm DIY Kit for Raspberry Pi

Fully functional home alarm, alerting and monitoring system



The alarm system project tutorial can be found at http://www.projects.privateeyepi.com/home/home-alarm-system-project

Alarm features:

  • Connect door contacts or PIR sensors (motion sensors) to the Raspberry Pi.
  • Receive email alerts when an alarm occurs.
  • Monitor your home from your smart phone or computer using the dashboard featuring zone status (armed/disarmed/alarm), alarm dates and time as well as activity logs. You can also use the dashboard to arm and disarm zones.
  • 1 DS18B20 Dallas 1 wire digital temperature sensor (not included in this kit)

How it works





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